Optimization through options


Experience Designers always strive to make the optimal user experience, however we often have to settle for making the experience just a little bit better than it is today.  Budgets, technical debt, business priorities – there are many practical business reasons that improvements are not be fully utilized as the designer envisions them.

With all these challenges in mind, as a UX team, we often suggest multiple solutions that the business owners and development team can consider to improve the user experience.  This a la carte model allows for fundable enhancements that still move the experience in a positive direction.

With this project, we were asked to allow for users to sign up for an eNewsletter on the university blog.  We suggested several ways for the problem to be solved, along with suggestions on how to improve the overall user experience related to navigation and cross promotion, and suggestions on fixes to current production problems.

Depicted below are snapshots of the suggestions we made to the project team.

ROLE: UX Strategy
TEAM: Matthew Luken and Nathan Diebel

desktop enewsletter suggestion
IMAGE 1: Recommendation for eNewsletter CTA in desktop navigation that works with existing navigation


enewsletter introduced into navigation
IMAGE 2: Recommendation for eNewsletter CTA with more visual acuity in desktop navigation


fix recommendation for mobile
IMAGE 3: Recommendations for fixing existing mobile navigation and adding eNewsletter


enhancements to mobile navigation
IMAGE 4: Recommendation to enhance existing mobile navigation; bringing it inline with desktop navigation


mobile navigation with better space usage
IMAGE 5: Recommendation to better use mobile navigation space


blog post enewsletter ad
IMAGE 6: Recommendation for cross promotion of eNewsletter within blog posts