Requirements are always better when we work together


When User Experience and Business Analysts work together the results are always exponentially better.  It is critical for any project to be successful that the requirements are documented fully and well.

We worked closely with the BA through several iterations of documentation to be certain that everything was documented correctly, reflected the accurate current state, and fully explained the future, desired state.  We have proven that when requirement documents also include visual presentations there is a much better level of understanding with all parties involved.

In the below images we show red-lining both the requirement documentation and the process flow, updating the process document with the future state plan, and sketches that lead to the documentation clearly defining the project scope.

Over the course of this project we ensured we were communicating the production problem, how the form works today,  clear business requirements (shown below), as well as recommendations on how to proceed with the form enhancements.  Use my Contact Form to request a copy of the RAFAnalysis6Nov15 presentation.


redlining scoping documents
Image 1: Ensuring process documentation matches and is accurate

defining future state
Image 2: Defining future state of the project

defining scope of project
Image 3: Clearly defining what is in-scope versus out-of-scope

ROLE: UX Strategy
TEAM: Matthew Luken and Nathan Diebel