Through Definition Comes Knowledge


As part of the Refer a Friend redesign project, we needed to take a look at the existing AEM-based form. The form did not match the other AEM forms in the following ways: error handling, processing, validation, format, and authorability.

To ensure everyone on the project – from developers, business analysts, business owners, product owners, project managers, UX, content authors, and all the way to creative designers – was on the same page, UX worked with IT development and web authors to confirm how the component was currently working in production, documented it’s state, and routed the below image to the team.

With this information and insurance that all parties were working under a common understanding, UX could make recommendations to enhancing the form so that it was in line with the other AEM forms in production and was being enhanced towards meeting web standards.

Over the course of this project we ensured we were communicating the production problem, how the form works today (shown below),  clear business requirements, as well as recommendations on how to proceed with the form enhancements.  Use my Contact Form to request a copy of the RAFAnalysis6Nov15 presentation.


AEM definition of existing refer a friend form
Image 1: Definition of current form component

ROLE: UX Strategy
TEAM: Matthew Luken and Nathan Diebel