Refer More Friends!


The task was to allow for multiple referrals, however we didn’t stop there.

We recommended a more strategic implementation that included bringing the form in line with the other AEM implemented forms, form enhancements that would bring it inline with current web standards, and additional authorable content areas, in addition to the ability to handle up to ten referrals per form submission.

Since a project for Captcha would soon be kicking off, we incorporated these additional requirements into the wire frames to consolidate documentation and development efforts into a single work stream.

Over the course of this project we ensured we were communicating the production problem, how the form works today,  clear business requirements, as well as the below recommendations on how to proceed with the form enhancements.  Use my Contact Form to request a copy of the RAFAnalysis6Nov15 presentation.


referral form recommended enhancements
Image 1: Recommendations for Refer a Friend Form enhancements


ROLE: UX Strategy
TEAM: Matthew Luken and Nathan Diebel