Login: Who’s on first?

It was like the Abbott & Costello comedy sketch “Who’s On First?” Every time we thought everyone was on the same page something would happen or someone would document something slightly different.

After several days of this happening, I went to the white board to visually document how I had heard Login, Forgot Password, and User ID Help functionality was planned to work for the MVP version of the mobile app in the hopes of getting alignment from all the respective teams so that we could have a central document from which all other documents – process flows, JIRA stories, wire frames, etc. – could be derived.

A twenty minute investment brought all the teams together and allowed all documentation to be quickly corrected and brought inline with the envisioned journey flow.


login process design sketch
Image 1: Ensuring login process is accurate and everyone is on the same page about how it is planned to work

ROLE: UX Strategy